Open Sudoku

Open Source Sudoku game for Android.

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Welcome to the Open Sudoku Homepage.

Open Sudoku is a simple open source sudoku game. It’s designed to be controlled by either finger or keyboard. It’s preloaded with 90 puzzles in 3 difficulty levels, with more puzzles downloadable from the web. It also allows you to enter your own puzzles.

You can install Open Sudoku via Google Play Store or F-Droid.

About Puzzles

Open Sudoku can open sudoku files directly from the Web. Just click any link below and a folder with puzzles will be downloaded and imported directly into the Open Sudoku app.

If you want more puzzles, the following links generate new ones every time you open them. Please note that puzzle generation takes a while, after clicking one of the following links, wait several seconds while it is generating. The page may seem to freeze!

You can find more puzzles on the following pages.

  • P43. The first list of gnome-sudoku/Open Sudoku files can be imported directly by the Open Sudoku app. The second one must be saved to the device and imported by either opening it with the Open Sudoku app or using the import option in the app menu.

Authors and Contributors

The current version of Open Sudoku is authored by Óscar García Amor (@ogarcia).

The first version of Open Sudoku was developed by Roman Mašek (@romario333) and contributed to by Vit Hnilica, Martin Sobola, Martin Helff and Diego Pierotto.

Support and contact

Having trouble with Open Sudoku? Fill an issue at or contact me via [email protected] and I’ll help you sort it out.