Open Sudoku

Open Source Sudoku game for Android

Open Sudoku is a simple open source sudoku game. It’s designed to be controlled by either finger or keyboard. It’s preloaded with 90 puzzles in 3 difficulty levels, with more puzzles downloadable from the web. It also allows you to enter your own puzzles.

You can install Open Sudoku via F-Droid, Google Play or by downloading the latest APK from GitLab. Note that the three versions (F-Droid, Google Play, and the APKs) are not compatible (they are not signed by the same key)! You must uninstall one to install the other, which will erase all your data.

About Puzzles

Open Sudoku can import sudoku files downloaded from the web. Just click on any link below and it will download a file with puzzles that you can then import into the Open Sudoku application (using the import option from the Sudoku list menu).

Base Puzzles

Gnome Sudoku Puzzles

QQWing Puzzles

The following puzzles are generated with QQWing. You can generate new puzzles by downloading the QQWing binary and executing one of the following commands from a POSIX console.

# Very easy level
qqwing --generate 1000 --difficulty simple --one-line | \
  tr '.' '0' > qqwing_simple.sdm

# Easy level
qqwing --generate 1000 --difficulty easy --one-line | \
  tr '.' '0' > qqwing_easy.sdm

# Medium level
qqwing --generate 1000 --difficulty intermediate --one-line | \
  tr '.' '0' > qqwing_intermediate.sdm

# Expert level
qqwing --generate 1000 --difficulty expert --one-line | \
  tr '.' '0' > qqwing_expert.sdm

SudoCue Puzzles

Puzzles from SudoCue. On their website you can find daily challenges and other Sudoku variants.

Generated Puzzles

If you want more puzzles, select how many you want and the difficulty level (the higher the number the longer it will take). New puzzles will be generated each time you click on generate.


Authors and Contributors

You can see the complete list of contributors here.

Open Sudoku was initially developed by Roman Mašek with contributions from Vit Hnilica, Martin Sobola, Martin Helff and Diego Pierotto.

Help with translation

Interested in help to translate Open Sudoku? You can contribute in our Weblate team.

Support and contact

Having trouble with Open Sudoku? Fill an issue in our issue tracker.